A publishing app for OS X.

Tell Me a Story

A surprisingly-simple yet powerful desktop publishing client.

You are a storyteller, passionate about crafting narratives that capture, express, and delight in what it means to be human.

Desk is built with that intent and mission in mind: To reduce the clutter, the noise, the distractions and the obstructions that keep us from writing and sharing those stories.

Fall in love with writing, again.

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Focus on Writing

A true distraction-free interface.

Markdown & WYSIWYG

Use both, at the exact same time. Write and ornament your content the way that you want.


Built for speed and efficiency; maximize your productivity with an assortment of powerful viewing modes, keyboard shortcuts, and "Quick Publish".

Media Integration

Add and edit photos in-line and video through native oEmbed.


Your Platform

Connect to WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr, Facebook, Typepad, Movable Type, Squarespace, and more to come soon.

Everywhere You Are

Save and access your work locally ("Offline mode") or via iCloud anywhere, anytime. Compose with confidence via real-time autosaving.

Post Management

Manage and edit existing posts for every blogging platform you add.



We believe in a truly consistent and trustworthy experience. Our UX will never change.

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A Storytellers App

We believe that storytelling is one of the most fundamental and important elements of being human. We built an app for just that.

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Decisions, Not Options

We have judiciously chosen the features that truly matter and removed the extraneous that would distract.

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Discover Desk

Desk is built for daily use. More than just a hobby, it's an act of discipline and love.

And like a favorite novel, a long-standing passion and pursuit, it only gets better over time; every experience reveals more nuance, more detail, more joy, and more understanding.

Desk matures as you grow as a writer. Discover the last publishing app you'll ever use.

Read our story via our blog and download the Press Kit for your own use.

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