You have a few options for support, the quickest way being direct (via email). I will do my best to answer and respond to all of the inquiries that come in! Remember, I’m a one-man shop here, so, I will try my very best!

Alternatively… another great way is to blog about it (imagine that)! Why not blog your issue, thought, idea, or recommendation? I don’t even mind if you’re super-negative about it – I actually care more that you spend time writing (and publishing) than anything else!

Here’s what we’d love to see on your blog post:

  • Post Title: [Type] – [Specific Issue]
  • Post Content: Add whatever details you think best with screenshots, captions, images, and detailed information about your device and operating system as well as how it all happened in glorious detail.
  • Let Us Know via a Tweet: Link the post @DeskPM!

That’s it!